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Local Action 4 development

Strengthening Accountability Networks among Civil Society

Who is it for?

This project will involve promoting the concepts of democracy, participation and governance among minorities (young people, women and people with disabilities) in order to better involve them in the implementation of public policies at the grassroots level. The project that will be implemented finds its full justification in our country, Cameroon, where young people lose their bearings and women remain essentially vulnerable because of their non-involvement, among other things, in democracy and citizenship issues. The use of social networks and digital platforms will not only train and educate beneficiaries in a wider space, but also encourage their participation and put in place a survey system that will provide opportunity to assess and to monitor the management by the local executives of the budgets allocated to them.


Partner municipalities

Mayor: ZINTCHEM A BODIO Marthe Félicité

The Bafia Council covers the district of Bafia, a town located at 120 km from Yaoundé. It covers an area of ​​475 km2. The municipality of Bafia has a population of around 120,000 inhabitants. The “natives” of Bafia are made up of the Bekke and Bekpak ethnic groups.

Mayor: NGNANG Cyrille

Bafoussam 1 Council covers an area of ​​91 km², including 18 km² for the urban area and 73 km² for the rural area. Bafoussam I Council has approximately 98,339 inhabitants according to the results of the 3rd General Population Census published by BUCREP.

Mayor: KENGNI KOUT Levis Dieudonné

The population of Bafoussam II Council is estimated at around 149,662 inhabitants. The commune is made up of 71 villages and neighborhoods divided into 3 groups (Baleng, Bapi and Bandeng) and also Bororo populations.

Mayor: MBIGHA NJAH Felix

Bamenda 1 Sub-divisional council was created by presidential decree no 2007/1171 of 24 th April 2007. It was created alongside with Bamenda II and III sub-divisions. It is the seat of the regional administration of the North West Region.

Mayor: CHENWI Peter

The surface area of Bamenda II Council is estimated at 1,482km2. The Bamenda II Council area is delineated by the Bamenda II Sub-division, one of the seven administrative units (Sub-divisions) of Mezam Division in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Mayor: Fongu Cletus Tanwe

Before April 2007, Bamenda 3 sub-divisional council was a part of the Bamenda urban council. In April 2007, the presidential decree N° 2007/115 of 23rd April 2007 was signed, splitting Bamenda urban council into three council areas.

A watchdog tool

This tool will allow citizens to stay tuned, participate in local governance and hold local elected officials accountable in case of distraction, opacity and poor performance. It is therefore an opportunity for citizens to blow the whistle in case of bad practice and non-compliance with the principles of good governance.

A monitoring / evaluation tool

This platform is an opportunity for citizens to remain focused on respecting the commitments of local elected officials and contracting companies and to promote transparency in the management of public finances at the local level. It therefore makes it possible to monitor and evaluate, qualitatively and quantitatively, the execution of local projects.

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