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Creation date: 2007

Bamenda 1 Sub-divisional council was created by presidential decree no 2007/1171 of 24 th April 2007. It was created alongside with Bamenda II and III sub-divisions. It is the seat of the regional administration of the North West Region.


According to the Administrative Accounts of Bamenda I, the estimated population stands at 62,000 inhabitants. Just like the national estimate, the young people cover over 60% of the population. This means the Council area has a pool of work force necessary for developmental growth.
The population is distributed into the urban and rural settlement.
The main activities of the population of Bamenda one is focus towards farming.


Since the legislative and municipal elections of 2020, the municipality has been led by the Mayor, Mr MBIGHA NJAH FELIX. The mayor is asisted in his work by First Deputy Mrs NGWAFU ANNA TANGANG, and Second Deputy Mrs ANNATOU ACHAP ABRAHAM.


The Bamenda I Sub-division has a total surface area of 2581hectares. The Bamenda I Sub-Divisional Council is bounded to the:
– North by Bamenda III sub-divisional council
– North East by Tubah subdivision
– South by Santa subdivision
– South West by Bamenda II sub-divisional council and
– East by Balikumbat subdivision.
Presently, Bamenda I is the gateway into and out of Bamenda, linking the North
West Region to the West Region to other parts of Cameroon.