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Creation date: 2007

The Bafoussam 1 Council was created by decree n ° 2007/117 of April 24, 2007. The position of crossroads makes Bafoussam a city of transit of food products towards other neighboring regions (North-West and Northern regions namely Adamaua, North and Far-North region) and other countries. Food products from Bafoussam I Council are also channeled to neighboring countries, notably to Nigeria.


Bafoussam 1 Council covers an area of ​​91 km², including 18 km² for the urban area and 73 km² for the rural area. Bafoussam I Council has approximately 98,339 inhabitants according to the results of the 3rd General Population Census published by BUCREP (Central Office of Population Census).


The present municipal executive of the Bafoussam I Council took office on February 18, 2020. It is headed by the Lord Mayor Mr. NGNANG Cyrille. He is assisted by six Deputy Mayors namely: Mr. TATSINKEM Augustin (1st Deputy mayor), Mr. TEWE NDIE Sédric (2nd Deputy Mayor), Ms. DJUIDJE NELON Caroline (3rd Deputy Mayor), Mr. TSAPY Joseph Lavoisier (4th Deputy Mayor), Ms. MATCHINDA Jeannette (5th Deputy Mayor), and Mr. WAFO FOKO Christian (6th Deputy Mayor).


The Bafoussam I Council is limlited :

  • To the North by the Bafoussam II Council
  • To the South by the Pete-Bandjoun Council
  • To the East by the Noun river, and
  • To the West by the Bafoussam III Council.